We would like to inform you that in a year, May 1st, 2019, our office will be switching to non-assignment. What this means for you, is that any of our patients with dental benefits will now be responsible for paying the full amount of the service provided. We will continue to submit your claim to your insurance for reimbursement; the insurance cheque will then be paid directly to you. Dental claim reimbursement is a fast process and reimbursement cheques are received quickly, minimizing the time patients are out of pocket.

We have decided to transition to non-assignment because the administrative costs of filing claims and collecting reimbursement from many insurance companies for hundreds of patients, placed a heavy financial administrative burden on our office.

Upon your request, your dentist will assist you by furnishing you with information that you need to enable you to receive benefits through your dental plan. This would include giving you claim and pre-treatment forms or sending electronic forms if needed.

Sometimes additional information may be requested by your plan administrator to ensure that the treatment is eligible according to the terms of your dental plan. In such cases, the plan administrator will write to you and ask you to obtain the information from your dentist. Your dentist will furnish you with any information you request but it is your responsibility to provide it to your dental plan administrator. This ensures that your health record remains confidential and your privacy is protected.

Dental plans are put in place to assist patients in paying for their dental treatment however, not all dental treatments are eligible or covered in full. If your dental treatment is only partially covered, it is your responsibility to cover the difference. Covered services and necessary treatment are not the same things.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

Thank you,

Wonderland Family Dentistry

Our Valued Patients